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Books online for Microsoft SQL Server 2012

Books online for SQL Server 2012

Task descriptions and reference documentation that describes how to perform data management and business intelligence work by using Microsoft SQL Server.

Using Registered Servers to Manage Servers

Registered Servers (Microsoft doc)
Enables the management of many servers. Used for organizing frequently accessed servers. Many servers can be queried simultaneously. Caution must be exercised when executing queries as they will be executed on all serves to which to are connected (check the status bar in SSMS).

Registered Servers View Menu Option (SSMS)

View Registered Servers


Check Database Corruption

SQL Server Waits

SQL Server Waits

Paul Randall – “wait-statistics-or-please-tell-me-where-it-hurts”

Development – reading and writing files with T-SQL

reading and writing files with T-SQL