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“a website for IT Professionals involved with Oracle database”

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Show High Water Mark Statistics

The Oracle data dictionary contains a view which shows high water mark values for specific Oracle features and other licesing-related metrics (like CPU_COUNT)

Show High Water Mark Statistics

Oracle Dataguard

Maximum Availability Architecture, rolling upgrades (pdf whitepaper October 2011)

Oracle and SCOM

“Oracle Management Connector for Microsoft SCOM enables customers who manage their data centers using Microsoft System Center Operations Manager(SCOM) to integrate with Oracle Enterprise Manager by enabling end-to-end event/alert sharing”

Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control Management Connector for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager
White paper for Oracle Grid Control and SCOM connector

It is also possible to monitor Oracle databases with SCOM using the OLE DB management pack (the following link describes this solution). I have not personally tested this. Thanks to the author of the post (all credits are in the post)

Monitor Oracle database with SCOM and OLE DB management pack


define editor for sqlplus sessions (linux)


(put it in $ORACLE_HOME/sqlplus/admin/glogin.sql)

You can also define it in your OS environment, before starting Sql*Plus

$ export EDITOR=vi
$ sqlplus ….

SQL> select * from dual;
SQL> edit — opens the defined editor inline so that the current command buffer can be edited
to make it permanent you can set it within the OS user’s profile (.bash_profile).

Connecting from Windows to Linux to Manage Oracle databases on Linux


Get MobaXterm from: MobaXterm download

XMing and Putty

Get XMing from: XMing download

Get Putty from: Download Putty


Get mRemoteNGfrom: Download mRemoteNG

Oracle Instance on Linux

Files in the dbs ($ORACLE_HOME/dbs) directory

  • lk<SID> – a lock file to stop another instance being launched – managed by Oracle – DO NOT DELETE!
  • orapw<SID> – the Oracle password file – for remote admin connections
  • init<SID>.ora – textual initialization parameter file for instance startup
  • spfile<SID>.ora – binary (in-memory) initialization parameter fie for instance startup
  • hc_<SID>.dat – a health check file used by Oracle
  • snapcf_<SID>.f – read-consistent temporary snapshot control file used by RMAN for synchronizing during RMAN operations


RMAN vs. Snapshot Technology

Set date environment variable for RMAN session – to show time

$> export NLS_DATE_FORMAT=”dd-month-yyyy hh:mi:ss am”
$> rman
RMAN> list archivelog all;

Oracle Thin Cloning

Oracle Thin Cloning

Restrict access to Oracle database using sqlnet.ora


Oracle Instant Client on Windows

Instant Client 10g

To use a glogin.sql on Windows – create a system environemnt variable SQLPATH

Oracle Maintenance Tasks

DBA Checklists from toadworld (TOAD)